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We are training & personal development specialists, covering a wide range of training courses, personal development workshops, seminars, classes and one-to-one coaching. Our specialist areas are within training, personal development, life-coaching and counselling.

Services offered and available as live support sessions:

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Training courses are designed, developed and delivered by highly experienced staff, to a multitude of professional businesses, private service sectors and individuals seeking development and growth opportunities. Continued professional development (CPD) plays a key role within any successful business strategy, ensuring all staff and personal skills are the best they can possibly be. Especially as we live in a modern-day culture where you have to continually develop your skill-set just to keep up.

Sole Developers can design bespoke training packages to suit your specific business, acting as a catalyst for future stability and growth.

We also offer counselling for those who require professional but friendly guidance and support. Our Life-coaching and mentoring service is also readily available for individuals seeking personal development.

Our counselling services are inclusive of a wide range of individuals such as; unemployed, lone parents, vulnerable adults, adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, young people with issues/problems/worries, people who are stuck in a rut and feel they have no way out or no-one who understands them, along with individuals who just want to move on in life with their goals but don't know how to. Basically anyone can benefit from our services.

Sole Developers counselling specialists are trained to deal with many of life's stresses, issues, problems or concerns. We help you find the right solutions and a positive way forward. 

Whether you are a business or professional organisation looking to develop your skills or expand your service offering; or you are an individual seeking personal development and guidance, or maybe you feel you need professional help and support, feeling that all hope is lost, then contact Sole Developers now to see how we could help you reach your goal or help you with your problems. Dont suffer in silence, contact us now.


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